Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Secrets to Kate Middleton's Style...

1. Below the Knee

If you look at most of the pictures of Kate Middleton, you’ll notice that if she’s wearing a dress or skirt that it goes right below the knee—or maybe a tiny bit above and not to the ankles. This is one example of her modesty—but also an example of how to look cute, but conservative at the same time. She definitely follows the rule of “a skirt is like an essay—it should be long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep you interested”.


2. Colors

As for colors, it seems as if she prefers to gravitate towards neutrals most of the time—but if she’s in the mood, she’ll add something that contrasts with the neutrals, such as her blue and red coats. They’re both blinding! But, they also go really well with the black or grey that she pairs them with.


3. Hats

If you’re looking to replicate Kate’s style, then you might want to look into hats. They seem to be a staple in her wardrobe. From what we can tell, she prefers light, airy, feminine hats that go with lots of different outfits. They too fall under the neutral category, although we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a bright green or bright blue hat in the future. Most of the time, her hats are cocked slightly to the side, giving her a lopsided, but interesting kind of look. Kind of like chaos amidst the order of the rest of her ensemble. (Nothing wrong with a little bit of chaos!)


4. Coats

Kate’s coats are another interesting thing to look at. Lately, military fashion has reached a peak including pea coats and the like. A few notable coats that she has falling under that category are a white pea coat, a red coat that goes below the knee, and a blue blazer of sorts.


5. Keeping It Simple

Kate also seems to prefer really simple patterns and really simple shapes. A lot of her clothing is either one solid color or it’s a geometrical pattern or even stripes. She’s also been seen to don jeans and other wardrobe staples in her everyday life.
Kate Middleton admittedly has a great sense of style—and is super easy to replicate. In addition to these tips, try to keep things flowing. She doesn’t wear things that cling very often and also seems to have seventies inspiration along with her own personal taste as leaders in her wardrobe.

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