Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, has died.

Apple visionary Steve Jobs passed away Wednesday. The co-founder of Apple was 56 and had been battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer.
"It boggles the mind to think of all the things that Steve Jobs did," Silicon Valley venture capitalist Roger McNamee, who worked with Jobs, told NPR.
He said Jobs is responsible for introducing the global community to desktop publishing and computer animated movies and creating the first commercially successful computer.
(Scroll down for a video of Jobs' 2005 Stanford University commencement address.)
Apple posted a statement on its website Wednesday: "Steve leaves behind a company only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple."
The company also dedicated its homepage to the co-founder.

Jobs co-founded Apple Computer at the age of 21 out of his garage in Cupertino, California. He built the business into a mind-boggling success with devoted fans around the world. Apple has since brought us the iPod, iPhone, iPad tablet and more. The Apple inventions have "changed how we consume content in the digital age," states CNN

And here is an interactive feature by The New York Times, "Apple's years with and without Steve Jobs."
Jobs took a medical leave from Apple in January and stepped down from his position as CEO this August.
His family released a statement Wednesday as well, the Huffington Post reports.
"In his public life, Steve was known as a visionary; in his private life, he cherished his family. We are thankful to the many people who have shared their wishes and prayers during the last year of Steve’s illness; a website will be provided for those who wish to offer tributes and memories.
We are grateful for the support and kindness of those who share our feelings for Steve. We know many of you will mourn with us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief."

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