Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Third Person?


For past few weeks, I updated my first emotional status due to my current relationship. Yes, it was hard for me to go through this 'third person' kind of problem,but at the end of the problem, me and Apis managed to learnt something vital, something really important to our relationship.

I tried to be positive in whatever situation that comes, but sometimes, those negative feelings came really soon, before I had a chance to think about it rationally. There's no use crying over a split milk, so do I. Life must go on.

To that girl, firstly I would like to thank you for creating some big issues to our relationship. Yes, I don't really hate you. It is because of your presence, me and Apis learnt something useful. And now, we are getting strong. Much more stronger than before. We had a very long discussion, a lot of tears, but now we tend to laugh and smile to one another, and being thankful for everything, for having each other like what had happened 3 years ago. We felt like falling in love again.

Next, as a women, we should not being too desperate in order to build a relationship with a man. Please, it will decrease your own dignity to other people's sight. Let everything come naturally without any force. Then only you can really understand the meaning of love. Love is not only being in a relationship, but it is about taking care and make our partner happy with their life n choices. But parents must come first, always.

Finally, I would really hope that you will meet your own soulmate soon. As me and Apis are happy for the past 3 years n future (insyaALLAH), we hope you will find your own love too. But remember, don't be too desperate in order find your own love. Sorry for making you frustrated, but seriously, we don't need the third person in our relationship.

We'll pray for your happiness and we hope you will pray for us too. Please live your own life peacefully. Thank you.

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Jannatulnaim said...

kak yani!!!!
kuatnye awk..
smga sntiasa kuat n dpermudahkan sgla urusan :)

- HaRYaNi - said...

yang...kena kuat la sbb tau sapa yg betul n sape yg salah dlm hal ni...dalam hal ni apis xsalah pn...yg pntg kne pkir btul2 sblm buat kptsan..huhuhu....

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